In the athletic market, our sun shades and MOD shade kits offer a shady retreat for players and spectators alike. From covering outdoor seating areas to shielding sports fields, our shades can help create a more comfortable environment for athletic activities. With our patio shades and shade sails, athletes can enjoy their outdoor pursuits without worrying about sun exposure.


For the aquatic industry, our sun shades provide essential protection for pool areas, water parks, and other aquatic facilities. By installing our outdoor shades, you can ensure that visitors can enjoy the water safely while staying cool and comfortable. Our pool shades are designed to withstand various weather conditions, making them a durable and long-lasting shading solution for aquatic spaces.


In the hospitality sector, our sun shades and MOD shade kits can transform outdoor dining areas, patios, and lounges into inviting spaces for guests. Whether you run a hotel, restaurant, or resort, our patio shades can help create a relaxing atmosphere for customers to enjoy. With our sun shades, you can enhance the overall guest experience by providing comfortable outdoor seating options.

Multi-Family Housing

In multi-family housing communities, our sun shades can improve the quality of outdoor common areas, such as courtyards, playgrounds, and picnic areas. Residents can benefit from the added shade and protection our outdoor shades offer, creating more usable outdoor spaces for socializing and recreation. Our shade sails and outdoor shades can also add aesthetic appeal to multi-family housing complexes.

Parks & Recreation

For parks and recreation facilities, our sun shades and MOD shade kits are essential for creating shaded areas where visitors can rest and relax. Whether it’s a picnic area, playground, or outdoor fitness zone, our shade structures can provide much-needed relief from the sun. By installing our shade sails and pool shades, you can make your park more attractive and comfortable for visitors of all ages.

Schools & Child Care Centers

Child care centers and schools can greatly benefit from our sun shades, as they provide a safe and shaded environment for children to play and learn. Our outdoor shades can cover playgrounds, outdoor classrooms, and other recreational areas, allowing kids to enjoy outdoor activities while staying protected from harmful UV rays. With our sun shades, you can create a more enjoyable outdoor space for students and staff alike.


In the transportation industry, our sun shades offer protection for vehicles parked in outdoor lots or structures. By installing our vehicle protection shades, you can shield cars, buses, and other modes of transportation from sun damage and excessive heat. Our shade structures can help preserve the condition of vehicles and improve the overall parking experience for customers and employees.


Universities can also benefit from our sun shades by creating shaded areas on campus for students to study, socialize, and relax. Our shade sails, MOD shade kits, and patio shades can enhance outdoor spaces such as courtyards, quad areas, and campus parks, making them more functional and inviting. With our outdoor shades, universities can promote outdoor activities while prioritizing sun safety for students and faculty.

Zoos & Aquariums

For zoos and aquariums, our sun shade MOD kits can offer protection for outdoor animal habitats, walkways, and visitor areas. By installing our outdoor shades, you can create comfortable environments for both animals and guests to enjoy. Our shade structures can also help reduce heat stress for animals and create visually appealing covered spaces within zoological and aquatic facilities.


Shade Escapes by Tara is dedicated to serving a diverse range of markets with our high-quality sun shades, including our versatile MOD Shade Kits. With a focus on providing effective sun protection and enhancing outdoor spaces, our sun shades are the ideal solution no matter your industry. Invest in our sun shades today, and transform your outdoor spaces with style and functionality.