About Us

Shade Escapes  – Your Source for Stylish, Comfortable, and Protective Shades

 Our Mission:

At Shade Escapes, our mission is to bring stylish, comfortable, and protective shades to the residential market. We take pride in providing high-quality sun shades that are easy to install and maintain, allowing homeowners to protect their families and enjoy the outdoors in cool, comfortable shade.

Our Values:
At Shade Escapes, our core values guide every aspect of our business:

  • Gratitude: We show appreciation and loyalty to and for one another, our customers, and our community realizing our responsibility to serve them because we serve a higher purpose.
  • Relationships: We demonstrate respect to all our stakeholders, realizing our responsibility to proactively communicate with others, serving one another with compassion and appreciation.
  • Innovation: We are courageous, committed to collaboration and the continuous improvement of our products, people, processes, and policies.
  • Integrity: We do the right thing when no one else is looking, committing ourselves to excellence, diligence, and fairness.

Our Story:
In 2020, Shade Escapes was born out of a vision to enhance families’ backyard “staycations.” Recognizing the need for comfortable shade solutions, we embarked on a journey to design high-quality products that fit seamlessly within any backyard. We began by developing custom shade solutions that could be designed to suit a wide variety of backyard environments. These high quality, precision crafted custom shades use commercial grade hardware and construction to add beauty and comfort to any backyard or light commercial space. However, we understand the challenges homeowners and installers might encounter when navigating the complexities of measuring, selecting materials, and installing a custom shade. To reduce these hurdles, we researched simple, comprehensive solutions that would bring shade to everyone. This lead to the development of our Mod Shade shade kit. This out of the box solution comes with a shade, poles and hardware, and mounts easily to existing pool decks, patios and other concrete surfaces. This complete shade package allows anyone to add shade to their outdoor space. Our next solution on the horizon is, our Shade Lux shade system. This exclusive cantilever structure is designed with a minimum footprint making it an ideal solution for small spaces. For larger areas, the Shade Lux can expand to any desired length by adding uprights as needed. Plus, the Shade Lux can be customized with a variety of useful and exciting accessories including a backdrop, movie screen and solar options for a truly exceptional outdoor living space.

Our History:
Shade Escapes is the newest division of Tara Pool & Outdoor Products, a company with a rich history in the outdoor industry. Founded in 1984 by Marshall Richardson, Tara has been a pioneer and leader in the pool industry for over 39 years. Our journey began with a commitment to innovation, which has led us to redefine the standards of quality and precision in our field.

Tara Pool & Outdoor Products has played a pivotal role in shaping the pool industry landscape. From our inception, we recognized the potential to transform traditional practices through technology and innovation. We took the lead in the development of the pool liner, revolutionizing its manufacturing process. As one of the first companies to incorporate computers into design and cutting, we transformed a craft-based product into something precise, reliable, and durable.

Our innovation didn’t stop at liners. With the same dedication, we embarked on creating pool safety covers that exceed ASTM standards. We harnessed our expertise to provide a comprehensive solution that ensures not only the aesthetic appeal but also the safety and security of your outdoor space.

Tara Pool & Outdoor Products has always aimed to be more than just a manufacturer. We consider ourselves a resource for our valued customers. We understand that your reputation depends on the durability and quality of our products, and we take that responsibility seriously.

Today, Tara Pool & Outdoor Products is led by Marshall’s daughter, Tara, and her husband, Larry. With their passion and vision, they continue to steer the company toward new horizons. Marshall Richardson, the visionary founder, remains an integral part of the company, lending his time and wisdom to guide Tara Manufacturing into the future.

In line with Tara’s legacy of innovation, we proudly introduce Shade Escapes by Tara. This newest division is dedicated to providing stylish, comfortable, and protective shades for residential spaces. With the same commitment to quality and innovation, Shade Escapes is set to redefine outdoor comfort, making it possible for families to enjoy the outdoors in a whole new way.

Quality that Lasts:
Unlike cheap shades found online, Shade Escapes shades are built to last. With heavy-duty hardware and construction, our shades are designed to withstand the test of time, providing you with years of cool, comfortable, and stylish shade.

Who We Serve:
Shade Escapes by Tara is dedicated to enhancing the outdoor experience for homeowners and beyond. Whether you’re creating cherished moments with your family, hosting memorable gatherings with friends, or seeking to enhance the ambiance of a restaurant or playground, our shades provide an essential comfort accessory for your outdoor environment. Furthermore, we actively seek partnerships with diverse businesses, including landscapers, pool maintenance and construction companies, lawn care providers, fence construction specialists, and other like-minded enterprises. By collaborating with us, these businesses can elevate their offerings and deliver top-tier shade solutions that enhance the lives of homeowners and patrons alike.

Join Us in the Shade Escapes Experience:
We invite you to explore our range of premium shades and experience the difference that Shade Escapes brings to your outdoor living. Connect with us today, and let us help you transform your outdoor space into a haven of relaxation and protection.